Discover the taste of Asia!

Experience Asia and all the exotic flavour that it can offer with Sun Yan! The bright oriental flavours of Sun Yan would like to invite your taste buds to a hot dance. We guarantee you a different, unexpected, and incendiary experience every day. Taste all the flavours and discover your Asia!

Sun Yan - exceptional Asian flavours.

Juicy Chinese-style duck, coconut-flavoured Thai, or spicy turmeric Tom Yum flavours are just a small part of the Sun Yan family.

Quick and easy to prepare.

All you need to do is pour on hot water, wait for four minutes, stir well, and enjoy.

Enjoy Sun Yan wherever you are.

Eat it at home, at work, in nature, or on the go as it is both delicious and easy to prepare!



Chicken flavour

Slightly spicy Asian chicken adapted to European taste.

Shrimp flavour

For seafood lovers - the flavour of Asian savoury shrimps.

Spicy flavour

A combination of spicy ginger and chilli peppers - spicy Sun Yan instant noodles.

Duck flavour

Aromatic duck with an exceptional oriental flavour.

Tom Yum flavour

Breathtaking spiciness with exotic turmeric - Tom Yum flavour.

Beef flavour

Juicy deep-flavoured beef with crunchy carrots.

Thai flavour

Spiciness with a hint of mild coconut - Thai flavour.

Vegetable flavour

For anyone who wants a meat-free experience - the flavour of aromatic Asian-inspired vegetables.


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